The project:
The credo of K Way: Freedom, such is the concept, to be free to move “in case of rain”.
Such is the genesis of this French brand with an Anglo-Saxon name.
K-Way is making its big comeback in France today. New style, new materials, new prints. But still as colorful, smart, practical and fun!

The influences:
“Any idea that has great consequences is always a simple idea” Lev Tolstoy.
This quote applies just as much to the brand as to our K Way proposal.
In our opinion, the real signature of K Way is its French Zip.
All creation was therefore built around this specificity: Film, Street Marketing, Music, digital, print…..
In summary, street wear So Chic because Made in France

Optic 2000

Le Gaulois



The Project
A sober production in full-3D for LCL that uses their famous corporate design.

That of director Joachim who does a wonderful job with this kind of stylistic exercise.

Terra Delyssa

The Project
Based on brand iconography, this artistic director has a story to tell.
In terms of narration, the aim is to visually bring to life this tale in a dreamlike way.
To encourage the consumer to immerse themselves in the universe of the brand and to adhere to its values. The virtue of this graphic universe is its simplicity and the strength of its narration is this invitation to travel to the heart of Mediterranean culture.

Our desire was to distinguish ourselves from traditional food marketing.
Given the brand’s packaging, it immediately seemed interesting to us to turn to animation.
This form offered us the possibility of establishing a mythology around this oil.
In this perspective, Michel Ocelot’s work on storytelling provided a great deal of inspiration.
A minimalist animated film to tell the story of an odyssey, that of Queen Elyssa, founder and first Queen of ancient Carthage, in 814 BC.
Elyssa flees Tyr, southern Phoenicia, to escape her brother, King Pygmalion, and her husband’s assasin. She flees in the company of a few followers, taking with her the agricultural know-how of her country and many “treasures,” such as the olive tree.


The project
The objective of this advertisement was to highlight Numéricable’s high-speed internet and other services in a fun way.
To do this, we called on a director – artistic director, Christophe Valdejo. After designing the graphics, he directs stages all the possibilities of Numéricable.

The influences
Those of Christophe are numerous both in terms of 3D and spatial depth. Here are a few.


The project
Turning a simple invoice into a poem is a difficult task, but nothing is impossible for the wonderful team that brought this project to fruition: The director & photographer Fred Lebain, the magician & stop-motion fairy Vincent+ Claire, and a delicate “origamist.”
It’s all true, that’s the real beauty of this digital display.

The influences
She is the sum of the talents that make up this team.

Financière de l’Echiquier

The project
To direct a short film which exudes the feeling of elegance and seriousness.
Here the sound & the image mirror one another subtlety and efficiency.
The Financière owes its new image to the artistic director & director Jérôme Lemoine.

Optic 2000 Modissime

The project
Working with the iconic Karl Lagerfeld of the House of Chanel for a stop-motion spot he directed.
Standing before the master’s lens is one of the most captivating women of our time, top model Freja Beha

His work alone is an inexhaustible source of inspiration – so we just let Mr. Largefeld express himself.

St Yorre

The Project
A virile yet light-hearted film singing the praises of this well-known spring water.
The rugby players are glorified on the field, with a legend leading the team: Morgan Parrat.


The Project
The ambition of this commercial was to take a humorous look at this new service.
Taking things literally and playing the situation for laughs, we placed Louis-Philippe alias Wifilib in the middle of Paris.
This cutting-edge service is this placed in a sophisticated light.
Our director Nicolas Galoux used all his talents directing actors in this funny and chic commercial.

The influences
For the washed-out light and period costumes placed in a contemporary context, we looked to the world of Sofia Coppola for inspiration.


The project
For the next episode of the Somfy series, we emphasised the serenity of using this home automation system with a sunny atmosphere.
Director and cinematographer Sébastien Gonon is the creator of this series of films distributed worldwide.

The influences
Chosen for the elegance of his lighting work, Sébastien applied his know-how to both the interior and exterior scenes of these films.

Pink Martini

The project:
To promote the release of the album of Pink Martini, an American group of twelve musicians from Portland characterized by a musical style mixing retro, jazz, Latin, and classical influences, with lyrics sung in English, French, Spanish, Japanese…. and even in Arabic, Croatian, Mandarin, Romanian, Modern Greek and German.
A unique and universal form was therefore needed to represent so much eclecticism.

The influences:
For the creation, we teamed up with one of our influences, director David Devaux.
Atypical and from the the Paris school for Decorative Arts, his pictorial approach has marvelously blended with more cinematic influences: in particular that of the new wave couple Anna Karina – Jean Luc Godard


The project
The goal of this film is to create a 3D world that highlights elements of this century-old recipe.
In collaboration with Régis Sailard, director and character designer, notably of the famous Oasis characters, we imagined our little hero setting out in search of the world of ingredients. By using 3D, we tried to give the brand’s new Television identity a modern touch.

Extensive design research was carried out.


The project

The idea behind the project was to subtly play with the light filtering through the advertiser’s windows.
We wanted an atypical approach filled with poetry that suggests how important the brightness of an environment is.
Cinematographer Stéphane Le Parc endeavored to create a soft universe, bathed in natural, warm and delicate light.

The influences
We drew inspiration from beauty films where the challenge is always to beautify women and the environment with light.


The project
Our desire was to offer another approach to the food film. Contrary to custom, we started from the desire to make the film entirely in 3D.
To do this, it was a question of finding a technique that correlated with our subject, Japanese food. Very quickly, the use of low poly in a poetic light imposed itself. The film Tanoshi was built like a visual haiku.

The influences
The minimalism of Japanese culture and its long tradition of origami guided our thinking toward this unprecedented low poly 3D version.
This stylistic choice allowed us to create a strong brand identity thanks to the talent of our two directors, Bruno & Clément.


The project
The creation of an atypical 50-second spot to highlight one of the first brands committed to fair trade.
More than an advertisement, Malongo creates a politically engaged film – including in its poetic voice-over by the illustrious Richard Boringher.

The influences
In order to visually represent the eco- commitment of the brand, we chose an entirely typographic art direction.
It is an ode that Boringher whispers in the ears of Malongo coffee drinkers.
The whole tradition of print posters was an endless source of inspiration for this unique film directed by François Le Bourhis.


The project:
Promote the Maison Dior line of accessories by highlighting its diversity and timeless chic.
In 1928, even before getting into fashion, Christian Dior opened an art gallery.
This event fed our imagination. The gallery as a setting where Dior accessories are exhibited, in our opinion, reflected the essence of this illustrious House:
A unique craftsmanship to adorn women with precious objects.

The influences:
This idea of ​​intertwining the modernity of the Dior lines and the tradition of typically French know-how was particularly inspired by us.
by Sofia Coppola’s “Marie Antoinette”.
The desire to have an endless sequence shot putting the various accessories into abyss can also be found in the cinematographic imagination, whether in the dizzying shots of Alfred Hitchcock or closer to us in the sophistication of Stanley Kubrick;


In order to communicate on Planter’s natural aloe vera skincare range, we have staged the active ingredient of the aloe vera product in a suspended moment during which a soothing and restorative skincare range is offered. The delicate light illuminates the film like the skincare products illuminate the complexion of its users.

The influences:
We found our inspiration in clean, natural, geometric environments. The terrarium suspensions also influenced our artistic direction. The green color of aloe vera in a refined decor.
Regarding the music, we imagined electro and soft music in order to emphasize both the organic and technological aspect that Planter’s puts at the service of beauty.


The project
To speak again in order to ink a mythical brand in modernity.
Our objective was to highlight the extent to which Terraillon has always known how to reinvent itself, which still makes it a reference today.
Crossing the ages and reporting on them has always been Terraillon’s signature.
More than a brand, Terraillon punctuates our lives and is part of everyone’s collective memory.

The influences
An abundant artistic direction highlighting the different periods is expressed through the use of tapestries and a very assertive style.
From this point of view, the work of Wes Anderson has been very inspiring in terms of light.
As for the chronology, the first influence was the iconic scale of designer Marco Zanuso still exhibited to this day at Moma in New York.


The project
A humorous saga on the Amora range of sauces and condiments, or how to bring products to life in their original packaging.
For the needs of one of his films, the directors imagined “a sauce machine”. Able to evenly distribute a layer of sauce at a constant speed during one of the food shots.
Beyond that, prowess in “lab” mode, a clever idea that allowed us to save time in filming and to have a more than appetizing result!

The influences
One could say that there is a bit of Professor Tournesol and/or Inspector Gadget in Bruno and Matthieu, our directors of this series of films.


The project
Continuation of the Allianz saga with the delicious Inès de la Fressange instead of the mysterious Charlotte Rampling.
At the command of these films, the film director Bruno Chiche.

The influences
Decline the agency’s creative proposal by giving it all the charm and playfulness of Inès de la Fressange’s acting.


The project
Feminizing the Sader universe in order to reach all women who are learning interior decoration, such was the challenge of this film series.
To do this, the director P. Joubert wanted to give the image softness and a touch of humor.
The result speaks for itself an elegant and amused comedy about all that the Sader product line allows.

The influences
Decline the agency’s creative proposal by giving it all the charm and playfulness of Inès de la Fressange’s acting.